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Marilyn Giragosian, RN, BSN, MHH, CBEP is a holistic health coach specializing in individualized health assessments and customized solutions utilizing the LSA Pro Balance. Marilyn has more than 30 years’ experience in patient care and education, health and wellness, weight loss and nutrition. Marilyn received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from DePauw University and Masters degree in Holistic Health and Nutrition from Trinity College. She is certified in Bioenergetics Medicine, CPR, and ACLS. She is a member of the Holistic Nurses Association, American Dietetic Association, American Cancer Society and the National Association of Professional Women. She was awarded the VIP Woman of the Year award from the National Association of Professional Women and also received the Who’s Who in Nursing award.


For several months I was having severe stomach pains after I ate any meal. I thought that I may be allergic to some of the foods that I was eating or maybe it was a gluten problem. I was given Marilyn’s name by a client of mine and figured that I had nothing to lose. I called and set up an appointment with her and she performed the ZYTO scan. My results showed that I had an intolerance to gluten, night shade vegetables, peanut butter and red and blue dye in foods. She changed my eating habits and within a few days I was feeling much better. The pain in my stomach was gone and my energy levels went up. I also wasn’t afraid to eat for fear of stomach pain. I have been seeing Marilyn on a regular basis for several months now and I was due for my yearly blood work from my doctor’s office. I made an appointment with him to go over my results and my HDL was extremely high which was great and my LDL was normal, my blood pressure was great and my kidney, liver, and sugar levels were normal. He said to me “whatever you are doing, keep doing it, you’re in great shape”. I owe it all to Marilyn for getting me back on track to being a healthy an energetic person. You truly are a godsend.


Since I was 16, I have always suffered from acne, rosacea, and even cysts. Constant visits to the dermatology office with no real solutions other than ANOTHER prescription. Some medications would work for a period of time, but most of them were just a waste of time and money. As I arrived to my late 20s/early 30s, I thought I just grew out of my skin problems. Well, not only was I wrong, I started getting the worst case of rosacea of my lifetime. After months of suffering through this disease, I was referred to Marilyn. I was very skeptical because I had always been taught from dermatologists that a persons diet has no correlation with their skin, but I thought I had nothing to lose. The scan that Marilyn performed on me showed I was having negative reactions to many things I had in my daily diet. So Marilyn put me on a specific diet, staying away from those foods that affected me. After the first 30 days, I saw great improvement in my skin. After recently completing my 90th day on Marilyn’s diet, my skin has completely made a 180! I have not been to a dermatologist in three months and have no plans to see one in the near future. So the result of seeing Marilyn has saved me money, weight loss (lost 15 pounds I didn’t plan to lose), and finally clear skin.

John S.

For the past 18 years, I have suffered with hair loss off and on. This past year it was pretty severe. I made appointments with every doctor I could think of dermatologist, OB/GYN, Family Dr., endocrinologist and allergist and had every blood test ran. All tests came back normal and I was told I was just going to have to live with this problem. That of course, did not set well with me. I made an appointment with Marilyn and had the ZYTO scan done. My results showed that I had an overgrowth of yeast, hormonal/thyroid/adrenal imbalances and food intolerances. All of these issues combined were causing my hair loss. For the first 30 days, I detoxed myself. To my amazement, my hair started to take a turn for the better and some of my other chronic symptoms like sinus headaches and insomnia went away. I have been seeing Marilyn on a regular basis for the past year and she has truly helped me to change my issue around. I also brought my eleven year old son to Marilyn for bedwetting after several years of his pediatrician saying he would grow out of the problem. After having the ZYTO scan done on him, we found out that he had food intolerances to wheat/gluten, dairy and red/blue food coloring. These intolerances were causing him to be constipated which in turn contributes to bedwetting. After removing these items from his diet, the bedwetting stopped and his bowel movements became more regular.

Katie S.