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Good vs. Bad Water

Summer is in full swing, and staying hydrated is extremely important to survive this heat and prevent dehydration! Just because we choose a case of water bottles over a case of soda, it doesn’t always mean we made the healthiest decision. We even have to weigh our options when it comes to choosing the best water!

We all know that tap water is filled with chemicals, but what most of us don’t know is that not all bottled water is actually any better than tap water. Most water bottles have BPA in their plastic, and the ones that are BPA-free might still contain BPS, which is not regulated and is just as dangerous as BPA. Not only can chemicals come in from the plastic, but also some bottled water is just tap water and have very high contaminant levels.

This article by Dr. Axe provides a lot of information on the chemicals in our water and what to look for when purchasing water bottles.



Here are the water bottles we recommend in our practice, preferably glass or hard plastic vs. flimsy, noisy plastic: